Foot Surveillance

This course is designed with the student in mind at all times, whether they are new to the surveillance arena or an experienced operative wishing to enhance their skill sets.

The course will equip the student with the required knowledge and skills, to effectively undertake covert surveillance on a subject within the public domain. At the conclusion of this intensive course the successful student will  be able to apply the following areas of tradecraft, thus enabling them to conduct operations individually or as part of an operational team.

  • Street Awareness and Cover
  • Appropriate dress and effective ‘props’
  • Surveillance Glossary
  • Teamwork formations
  • Teamwork with covert communications
  • Stop and Plot
  • Public Buildings
  • Public Transport Systems
  • Anti/Counter Surveillance
  • Evidence gathering and close control
  • Surveillance Legislation
  • Log keeping
  • Briefing/De-briefing