Foot Surveillance-Bespoke Public Transport Systems

DSCF0031This course is designed for covert operatives whose subjects utilise public transport systems as their main means of travel.The course has been effectively delivered to students on both basic and advanced surveillance courses.

It is relevant to covert law enforcement, security services and military personnel, whose skill sets require them to be able to closely monitor and control subjects in busy urban areas.



The course has evolved since 2005 following the suicide attacks on the London transport systems, and offers a transferrable system to any major city in the world that has its own public transport infrastructure.



Unique to this course is the ability for covert surveillance and firearms teams to work in unison when conducting surveillance, gathering evidence and intelligence against major organised criminal networks and terrorist subjects.


Below is an outline of the course core skill sets 

  •  Public Transport-Metro/ Trains/Buses/Taxis/Riverboat photo tube
  • Teamwork
  • Covert Radio Communications and non- verbal communication.
  • Public Transport Protocols 
  • Third Party Awareness
  • Surveillance/Firearms Interoperability
  • Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Terrorist Attack Methodology relevant to Public Transport systems