Mobile surveillance

This course is designed to teach mobile surveillance techniques within your own environment adapting the basic vehicle skills to suit the location.

It integrates with the Foot Surveillance Course to form a complete training package covering the prerequisite skills needed by an effective covert operative in an ever changing world. The course utilises the methodology used by UK police and other UK security agencies which has been tried and tested to produce convictions at court.

As ever evidential integrity and identification Procedures form a major part of the courses content.


The course exposes the covert operative to


Planning, Briefing & Debriefing

Preparation of covert vehicles

Urban, Rural and motorway driving techniques

Use of covert communications within vehicle deployments,

Vehicle rotation techniques,

Map reading and navigation

Covert observations platforms

Mobile support to foot surveillance

Vehicle plotting

Night driving

Anti & Counter Surveillance driving

Legal Issues and Continuity of Evidence

Risk Assessments & Health and Safety


These skills are then put into practise within the public domain by use of realistic simulated surveillance exercises each day of the course.

These are supervised by our expert training staff, which are on hand to constantly coach the students, thus ensuring maximum benefit using high student trainer ratios.

The training is further enhanced with full verbal and written debriefs producing real-time feedback.